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Christina Kobland, President

Concerned by the loss of wildlife habitat, Christina founded
Native Return with the goal of convincing others to share their land
with wildlife. The company is designed to be a "one stop shop" for
clients wishing to establish native plant habitat, rich with biodiversity,
in the disturbed sites typical to the region. She also educates the
public about the benefits of native landscaping through lectures.

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Why choose Native Return?
  • We will save you money! Our native solutions are much less expensive than customary land management methods.
  • Native Return is passionate about creating native self-sustaining plant communities that will in turn provide habitat for wildlife, especially those experiencing severe declines.
  • We specify only plant material indigenous to a region, based on local parameters such as soil analysis, site geology and moisture content.
  • Every attempt is made to use local seed grown natives, as opposed to cultivars or clones, so the plants will reproduce naturally.
  • We incorporate measures to protect new plant material, such as individual fences, as apposed to excluding animals from an entire tract.
  • Native Return's habitats are functioning ecosystems,
    as evidenced by the life they attract.
  • Our ultimate goal is to use profits to purchase land which will be permanently set aside as protected wilderness for wildlife.
  • Our projects have received national and regional awards.
  • We are a woman-owned business:
    PA DGS WBE  /  Philadelphia WBE
Most website nature images and banners photographed by Christina on her property.
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