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Our Services Include:
  • Wildflower and grassland meadow installations.
  • Invasive plant identification and selective control, without destroying native plant populations.
  • Introduction of appropriate natives - woodlands, shrublands (PA's most in-decline habitat), grasslands, stream corridors, wetlands.
  • Airport infield and outfield plantings to repel wildlife, protecting both aircraft and animals from harm.
  • Utility right-of-way habitat improvement (sustainable grasslands and short-shrub) and management.
  • Municipal ordinance reviews/modifications allowing for native meadows.

  • Detention/retention basin naturalization.
  • Introduction and management of wildlife corridors.
  • Roadside management - selective removal of invasives and release of native populations (remnant endangered plant species often exist alongside roadways).
  • Abandoned mine wildlife habitat improvement projects.
  • School, corporate campus, and residential development naturalization.
  • School native garden installations and accompanying lesson plans to align with National Science Education Standards.
  • Lectures - Christina Kobland is available for public lectures - contact us for more information.
Give us your problem, and we'll find a native solution.

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